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"So many arsonist so little time" Putting Out Fires

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year. " -- John Foster Dulles

What I recommend is the following to reduce the amount of problems we're faced with regularly:“The first task here is to identify the time-wasters which follow from lack of system or foresight. The symptom to look for is the recurrent “crisis,” the crisis that comes back year after year. A CRISIS THAT RECURS A SECOND TIME IS A CRISIS THAT MUST NOT OCCUR AGAIN.”

Your emotional drainers and non-understanding in the way of the philosophy of Karate are your worst arsonists, you know. They're your crisis people. Setting fires deliberately.
But the real key to handling those flare-ups at the dojo is prevention. It takes somebody smart enough to anticipate the problem. Avoid it. Get ahead of it.

How much time do you spend trying to put out fires at the dojo?
Sorry ... smoke inhalation ... get down on the floor ...

We have good days and bad.
Ive finally become fireproof here, thank you very much.

That's a combustible situation. A fire waiting to happen. Easily prevented.
In Karate, I've found that there's such a thing as the overly ego-centric student. You may have to consider letting go of such a student because there's such a high level of anxiety involved, fire after fire, crisis after crisis. You simply may not be able to satisfy anyone like this.
Panic this is all panic that sucks up a lot of the energy you could be using to continue your personal path to higher lever thinking.

But elsewhere in society, we tend to think we can "wing it." We love to think no preparation is needed for anything. What happens? -- havoc happens. And guess what: You pay a premium to fix it, too, because things are falling apart at the last minute.
For fires at the dojo, those things you're so used to putting out all the time, think firewalls. Stop the spread. Condos and computers have firewalls. Put them into place in your dojo. You might even want to assign one person in your operation the job of contingency planning, thinking ahead: your fire extinguisher.
In the process of choosing somebody to be your firefighter, think about what sets your operation up for these incidents. Your leadership structure? Your staffing levels? You may just have to bite the bullet if not, because these shortages throw off sparks, and keep throwing them off.

Quality not Quantity
Further conclusion
"Karate is for everyone, but not everyone is for Karate."

Karate Concepts advocates karate training as a 'way of life'. The new mission is to offer a curriculum of education whose philosophies, practices, and methods, promotes strong minds, healthy bodies, and ethical spirits.

Not all Karate schools are alike. True freedom is the ability to choose. Determine your training goals, choose carefully, & enjoy the benefits karate training brings.

Self-Defense skills are not always meant for use against others. The discipline that dedicated training brings also defends us against "ourselves." The purpose of repetition is to turn training into reflex. This includes learning to make good choices, and the conviction to say 'no' when offered bad ones.

While casual students are accepted, it would be well to note our Karate do is not a fad. Hopefuls seeking 'instant gratification' or those looking to add 'flash for cash' should continue looking elsewhere.

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Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate-Do, as formulated by its founder, Manny Saavedra, Sensei is an organizational approach to Goju-Ryu Karate which seeks to attract people who are willing, through their training, to become role models to humanity by exemplifying loyalty, honesty, the work ethic, strong family ties, and community service.

Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate is about ideals, principles, and ethics; these qualities have an essential function in the life of every human being. Each culture emphasizes certain behaviors, values, and a better way of being (some way to bring out the highest and best qualities). Most people do not consciously think about the effect culture and language has on behavior. Learning to be aware of these influences and their effect on a society as well as oneself is part of the study of the martial arts and part of knowing oneself. Sansei Goju-Ryu literally means “Third Generation Hard and Soft System.” The World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate Organization was founded to support learning process. It is composed of “modern traditionalists” seeking to become better human beings through the study of the Sansei system.
The Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures have long dominated and influenced the values taught to students of the martial arts; however, modern traditionalists have not always been able to support such an unstructured blend of culture influences. Without structure in a martial arts system, the variety of cultural influences complicates one’s ability to maintain a strong sense of values. Too frequently people value materialism and seldom do they value principles they hold to be their ideals. While every culture has certain differences and influences the choices an individual makes in his or her lifestyle, all people share some of the same ideals. At the heart of these shared values are the concepts of loyalty, honesty, work and family. These are also the concepts on which Sansei Goju-Ryu is founded. As fundamental concepts, loyalty and honesty are directed first towards the self.
According to Sansei principle, being loyal and honest with one’s self often requires taking an unpopular position or sacrificing some basic comforts. Everyone has some qualities they would prefer not to accept and others they would like to possess. Maintaining clarity when applying the Sansei principles to one’s self is not easy. It becomes more complex when one extends the application to families, friends, community, and country. Through the extension, one returns to the more difficult interpretation of self-values. The Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate Organization directs its support and teaching to individual level.

Work is a concept of applying effort and energy to achieve a goal. Some people seek easier methods of achieving the same goal. To borrow cliché: “The end justifies the means” for many individuals. While the principle of work in Sansei emphasizes efficient results, also present is the idea of how that goal is attained and the method chosen to accomplish the task. Sansei supports the idea that hard consistent work directed towards achieving a goal will pay off; steady progress will achieve more lasting, more beneficial results than quick, poor quality, and less attentive efforts. One of the precepts of the World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate Organization is “if you work hard enough, nothing is impossible

The concept of family overlaps and extends beyond all cultural boundaries. In every society the word “mother” evokes universal nurturing qualities. The concept of “father” brings to mind universal discipline and creative processes. Martial arts students are often considered the adopted children of the instructor or sifu, meaning “teacher-father.” This is the basis for continuity in all systems of martial arts. While the World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate Organization supports the fraternal aspects of such a tradition, the emphasis on family is more personal. In Sansei, when one refers to strong family ties one is referring to personal family or immediate family. If strong family ties exist, organizational ties will follow.

Goju-Ryu translates as hard and soft, strong and gentle, or block soft and hit hard system. The translations can prove difficult to put into practice. Since language is a major factor to shape thinking and therefore movement, the words “hard and soft” can lead to confusion. Goju-Ryu may be viewed as being both strong and gentle as seen in the jungle cats, which move gently, but with strong force simultaneously. One ultimate goal of Goju-Ryu training is to achieve a balance of strength and gentleness, thus creating a harmony within the practitioner in all aspects of life. This is the “way” of Goju-Ryu karate.


More a temple than a gym, the dojo (do-way/jo-hall) is the martial artist’s sanctuary for training, meditation, and self-realization. The dojo can consist of nothing more than a room with smooth floor. It is the place where one trains in karate. The value of the dojo is reflected in the spirit of its students and their instructor and not in the dojo’s fixtures. If the sensei (instructor or teacher) by example encourages hard training and enthusiasm, the sensei’s efforts are reflected in the excellence of the students. The sensei accepts nothing less than the full development of each student’s potential; otherwise, the quality of the student’s performance will suffer. The student, however, retains the ultimate responsibility for progress in karate.

When first entering the dojo one should bow. Bowing is a ritual in which one shows respect for the dojo and humbles in a spirit of emptiness and openness. After changing into the karate gi (uniform) students clean the dojo voluntarily and then begin to limber up or practice techniques until the lesson begins.

The training session begins with the students sitting or standing in formal posture aligned in neat rows with higher rank students towards the front. The sensei sits or stands in the front center alone facing the class. First, everyone meditates silently, emptying his or her minds to permit total concentration on training. Then, the instructor and students bow to each other and the lesson begins. The first exercises are calisthenics to limber, stretch, and strengthen all body muscles. After the first exercises, beginners spend most of their time learning basic techniques while advanced students practice kata and limited kumite (sparring).

The student must concentrate in order to get the most out of training. If the student allows his mind to wander, the student’s attention will be divided and the value of the training will decrease accordingly; but, if the student maintains concentration on the training, even strenuous workouts leave the student refreshed and revitalized. The power of mind and body harmony can only be achieved through conscious effort.

Admiration is the foundation of a good dojo: the junior’s admiration for senior students; the senior student’s admiration for the junior’s effort, and their mutual devotion and admiration for their teacher. The teacher inspires much of the training of a student. If admiration for the teacher is not present or is lost, the student cannot hope to learn much karate.

Without mutual admiration in a dojo, a current of distrust and dislike may affect all and obtaining respect from anyone would be difficult. If not corrected, the dojo may die in a short time. A dojo has a life of its own during a class and unfortunately is as strong as its weakest link. The teacher must therefore always be on guard so the dojo ‘s total life will be strong. The teacher fosters admiration among the lower ranks by giving senior students the admiration in class that they deserve. Through such
Sure such respect does not disintegrate at any level.

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Every ten years or so, I reinvent myself. I don’t have a schedule or a plan necessarily, but it’s not random either. I’ve always been looking for something and, if I can’t find it where I am, I have to keep searching.  
What am I looking for? It’s not that complicated really. I’m just looking to be my best and some peace of mind. No one can do that alone. We need community. We need to find the place where we fit. We need support. We need to be accountable to ourselves and to those who share our values and goals. Sometimes, we need to be challenged and pushed forward. Some people are fortunate enough to find themselves and their place in this world quickly and easy. Some people give up looking or never give themselves permission to try and instead just try to survive – making the best of their situation. Others, like me, have to learn the hard way until we get it right. It’s a struggle sometimes. But it’s so worth it.
I have been a teacher, a researcher, a consultant, a student, an administrator, a college professor, an organizer, a coalition builder. I've had many successes along the way, but right now, I’m making over my life again.

This Karate Association follows the same path and ideology as one can expect from its title "Loyalty". Its Karate teachings very much parallel the same virtues of loyalty, honesty and commitment; and it promotes supporting and helping each other to achieve the same goals and objectives in the way of Karate. This Karate Association can be viewed as a "way of life" to help promote a unique perspective of life - the wisdom to perceive the benefits of adopting a nonviolent attitude, the virtue of being patient and the tranquility of possessing peace in our lives.

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Dominican Republic Gathering
November 3 2012

Take the unique opportunity to participate at our Karate gathering in Dominican Republic. It will take place on Saturday, November the 3.
If you are interested, please contact Jose Estrella, Sensei...786-290-6474. We will be leaving Miami on the 1st and coming back on the 4. This will be a 3 region gathering, The Puerto Rico Rigion will be joining us there as well.

During the seminar we will have the chance to get to know each other and have discussions and talk about the future of World Sansei. We not only want to enlarge World Sansei but build it into a stronger organization.

We would need to receive your reply if you could come to this gathering.
I believe it’s a great opportunity to gather with these regions. Travel expenses must be covered individually, we ask you to support this gathering with
your passion towards World Sansei.

Hoping to see many of you there!

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Our Journey and Future 

I believe that everyone should have a dream, approximately many years ago when I decided I wanted to expand the World Sansei Organization worldwide this was my dream, I wanted to be associated with decent people and I wanted extraordinary Students. . 

The 33 years that have followed that decision have been years of great experience to me and all who have been with me. We have expanded from a small group of black belts in 1976, to an International organization with Affiliated Dojos in; India, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, China, Peru, and throughout the United States.

Not only is World Sansei organization we have an impressive quality of members. In our numbers we include many professionals, World Champion competitors, Masters, and Instructors from around the globe! I am very proud to say our members represent some of the most knowlegible Instructors in the world.

As an organization we are dedicated to promoting Sansei in a positive environment and our members are very active in giving back to our communities and supporting events worldwide. Many of our members perform seminars, tournaments, and other events to support and raise funds for charities in our community, including many children’s and special needs groups. As World Sansei members, it is our duty and responsibility to dedicate our efforts to a greater cause.

The World Sansei organization, its growth, the dedication & commitment of the members, and the integrity demonstrated has far exceeded my aspirations, but as all martial artists does, the organization will continue to challenge itself, and reach for new heights. In the next few years, we will sponsor our the 33 Silver Cup International Championships to be held In Miami , Florida on December, 2014 in addition, our Chile Director, Juan Gonzalez, is expanding his program of teaching Sansei to many parts of his country. Our hopes are to continue to expand this amazing Organization. The Puerto Rico Region is also planning a very prestigious event next year 2013. The South African region with James Vermaak at as the Regional Director will hosts a WKF event in South Africa next year. This year we are planning a tri Region Gathering in Dominican Republic. In addition I will be traveling to every region during the next two years.

So, as you can see, our organization and its members are people of action, not just words! We are a world renowned organization, but one with the highest honor and integrity. We are not only teaching the martial arts, but we are also using our gift of the arts to help those in our community that are less fortunate. The World Sansei Organization is made up of people that are not afraid to challenge ourselves to go above and beyond.

I have no doubt this organization and the people in it will continue to grow and support the greater cause. We have all been blessed with this wonderful gift of World Sansei and we want to share it. This commitment and dedication is exactly what has made us a World Leader in the martial arts community and a martial arts organization to be proud of.

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At any point in our lives when we are making progress, there will always be someone who doesn't want to see us proceed and accomplish success. When we are dealing with "haters" and naysayers it is best that we don't waste any energy stressing or getting mad over there opinions, because no matter what we do somebody will always have something negative to say about it. 

The only time that we should truly worry is when we don't hear anyone talking about us at all, this means that you don't have anything going on for people to try and be cynical about. Never run away from what you are doing because someone says that you can't do it, or that you shouldn't be doing it. You know in your heart what is right for you to be doing, so make sure you follow it. Never let anything or anybody stand in the way of you accomplishing your dreams!